Maceo is a independent artist based out of Baltimore. A singer/songwriter who has been performing at talent shows and open mics since high school and college. He has auditioned for American Idol, the Voice, ANTM, Xfactor, & Sunday's Best! In 2015, he rebranded with his debut EP "Lov3" which is produced by Insane P. The 1st EP was released independently on all digital platforms 02/05/2016 and was followed up by "Lov3, Part 2 &3". Showcasing a more seductive and mature sound compared to the lightweight and fun sounds of "Lov3”

In 2016, Maceo decided to leave his Baltimore roots and branch out on a more personal level by becoming a more independent and self reliant artist by moving to Milwaukee. During 2020 a fourth project titled “D.E.E.P” was released and later followed up by his 2023 debut album “1330” which honors his grandmother and the home he grew up in which was a safe space for him to be himself and grow creatively!


a man in a leather jacket posing in front of a window